Who Says “ Toxic Masculinity”?

“Toxic masculinity” – When used by a new age Liberal female: Means testosterone and masculinity in an ‘actual’ man, who prizes a female who is feminine enough to trigger visceral desire.  Men with toxic masculinity see the modern introverted, frumpy Liberal Women neutrally, like sweaty boys except they may have vaginas.   Commonly used by … Read moreWho Says “ Toxic Masculinity”?

Recovering Narcissists Can’t:

Because All Narcissists Always:  Defend themselves Say they’re being a victim Dismiss the other person’s concern Decline they did anything wrong Minimize the actual impact Criticize and fight to distract from the issue Crawl back with obsequious promises and sugar There’s literally nothing Recovering  Narcissists can say without being “Narcissistic” even if sometimes they should.  A Recovering … Read moreRecovering Narcissists Can’t:

The Islamic brotherhood struggle with Israel, Egypt, Syria

I can’t remember when, but I happened onto some translations of texts about the Islamic brotherhood, and the struggles they have had in the Middle East. I thought these documents were very interesting, because they were written by a member of the Islamic brotherhood, perhaps a historian, and it seems the audience is the Islamic … Read moreThe Islamic brotherhood struggle with Israel, Egypt, Syria