Who Says “ Toxic Masculinity”?

“Toxic masculinity” – When used by a new age Liberal female: Means testosterone and masculinity in an ‘actual’ man, who prizes a female who is feminine enough to trigger visceral desire. 
Men with toxic masculinity see the modern introverted, frumpy Liberal Women neutrally, like sweaty boys except they may have vaginas.


Commonly used by mostly plain-looking, damaged, and or obese females who were ever abused by, laughed-at by, pranked-by or rejected by males. “Toxic Masculinity” 
When used by today’s estrogen-rich, agnathic, soft bodied and soft spoken male: The term refers to their Dads and every other male who ever abused, laughed-at, pranked or rejected them. The legions of men who are obviously more manly and confident than them.  Damaged, videogamer forever-boys.
Modern males, intent on remaining boys and avoiding the protective functions, leadership and accountability qualities of actual “men” use the term to demean the manhood they will never achieve. 

 You can’t be ‘fired’ if you quit first. So, if you can’t attract a manly man or BE a manly man it ‘saves face’ and doesn’t feel as bad, if you’re pre-demonizing and devaluing them. 
 The men who ARE actual men, and the women who are emotionally and physically eligible to HAVE an actual “man”, do not use the term “Toxic Masculinity”.  
Just the misfits “On the outside looking in.”